Residential Home Inspections

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If you’re looking for a residential inspection company who will give you timely, affordable and reliable service then you’ve come to the right place.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to hiring an inspector for your property and we also know that many times you’re referred by someone you’re working with to use “their inspection company” but you do have a choice and we hope you will at least consider us!

ProSpec is not only one of the most qualified inspection companies around, but we are friendly and priced reasonably. 

At ProSpec our goal is to always be available after the report has been received. We will answer all your questions and follow up to provide piece of mind. Upon request, we will meet with you to discuss the findings.

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You and your family deserve the very best. There is no reason to settle for less when it comes to services you pay for. When you review our qualifications and all the services and products we offer we are confident you will schedule with us. Our promise to you is that you will not be disappointed, we guaranty it! What’s different about ProSpec is that we continue to support your purchase by offering unlimited consultation as long as you own your home, after we conduct the inspection. We are here for you, long after you move in!

Before You Purchase Home Inspections:

Your new home! This can be an exciting and fearful time for most making the move to a new home or a first time purchase. When looking for an inspection company your choices can be motivated by price or availability. It is also important to have a qualified inspector who genuinely cares about you and your family’s current and future needs.

ProSpec is not only one of the most qualified inspection companies around, but we are friendly and priced reasonably. We also genuinely enjoy helping our clients with their homes. We consistently offer superior services at prices at or below the average inspection fee. With added discounts offered for many groups, including first-time buyers, seniors, military personnel, and veterans. The inspectors at ProSpec Environmental, Inc. have been inspecting homes for decades. This does not include nearly 30 years of construction experience on site, supervising or building hundreds of homes as licensed general contractors.

We have inspected Thousands of residential and commercial buildings, homes, apartments, condos and mobile homes. Health and safety are the focus of many of these inspections. However, we conduct thorough inspections of all the systems in a home. We can even conduct inspections for indoor air quality issues, such as mold and other microbial issues.

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale:

ProSpec has the experience to help you understand what will help you get your home sold and what items will typically hold up a sale. We work with our sellers and their agents to help them with a list of repair items and provide approximate costs. We even have referral contractors if they need help with the repairs. Your real estate agent can also provide a list of qualified contractors if major items are discovered during the inspection. Having all maintenance items inspected and repaired gives you confidence when negotiating the sale of your home.

Construction Phase Inspections:

If you are buying a new home or having a home built it is important to know that even the best contractor can miss items that can show up later as costly to you as the homeowner. We all know that the quality of construction materials is often not what it used to be. This now leads many buyers to have independent inspections of their construction projects inspected during various stages of the construction process. These inspections are beyond what the city or county building inspector will be bale to conduct. Our Phase inspections include foundation or slab, frame, rough electrical, mechanical, plumbing and seismic anchors. We follow up with roofing and exterior finish and eventually final inspection.

These inspections are relatively inexpensive and they protect your purchase, preventing unpleasant surprises, ensures conformance to industry standards, and helps provide the quality home that you’ve dreamed about.

New Home Warranty Inspections:

Many builders provide a very limited warranty for a new home. Some California laws require certain warranties. Often, after the project is completed, it is difficult to get someone from the company to respond to a warranty item after the first 12 months. During this 12 month period, it is important that a buyer develop a list of items for the contractor. There are many defects that will not be obvious to a homeowner. This is why you should consider obtaining a property inspection and allow us to assist you with the list of issues that will likely be addressed by your builder at no cost to you.

Consider your attic space for example. Have you crawled into your attic area to see the condition of your Heating and Air ducts? Would you know what to look for? This is just one of a dozen items we look at in an attic space. We will take digital photos of all defects and provide a report that you and the builder will understand.

Things to Watch Out For Before Inspections:

 wants to ensure that your home passes inspection with flying colors. Please try to clear all property, clutter, storage items and stuff you may have in areas of your home that would make it difficult for us to get to or reach such as this example basement here.

You also want to try to trim any outside bushes or landscaping if they are in the way of getting underneath your home or of being able to properly inspect HVAC units and other areas of the siding, home, gutters, roof and more.